W e   a r e   t i r e d   o f   t h e   G r e e n   l a b e l.   Since we both design and build we know what systems are fluff and fad and which ones have solid gains.  We live in a forest, and our sensibility and closeness to the land is unquestionable.  We are passionate about building with the best materials your money can afford. Some environmental technologies cost nothing, and those should be standard practice.  Others are incredibly costly but have enormous potencial.  Some are just big promises.  Energy systems such as Photovoltaic (Solar), Thermal Solar, geothermal heat pump, passive solar,  and wind have their optimum applications.  We have built all of these systems and have strong opinions.  Material systems such as ICFs (Insulated concrete Forms), SIPs Panels (Structurally Insulated Panels), Blown in insulation (all types), Sustainably harvested materials, all have their place but all have tradeoffs.  If you want a netzero house we can design and build you one but you will need space and money.  In the end, our knowledge on Green building is deeper than most since we research it and build it.  Our commitment is not a gimmick.  Come visit and see that we practice what we preach.