I d i a m   A r c h i t e c t u r e +   C o n s t r u c t i o n  is a full service design and build firm.

Design        We are licensed architects that hold  Master degree's in Architecture. We have taught at the University of Colorado.  We strive for creative design. We listen intently to our clients. We feel that designing for people is an honor.  Really.  We can design using many aesthetics.


Construction        We are licensed General Contractors. Our background in construction stems farther back than even our design education.  We were never satisfied with the limitations of just drawing academic details that may not fit the real way things are built, especially with economy in mind. We never understood how architects could design without any real idea of how much their designs would actually cost.  We are not paper general contractors. We build with our own hands many components of a building. Whether the task is meeting a deadline, or building something too important or costly for a subcontractor to do, Or we fill in between the trades to keep a project moving and less costly.


We strive to build everything we design, however sometimes that is not possible.  We will design anything, however, we will only build what we design.